Thursday, September 08, 2005


There are many varieties of cuisines in Bali from Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese and Korea, Australian, European, American, and other Asian including the fusion between Eastern and Western cuisine.
Indonesian food is usually influenced by Bali and Javanesse culture and the most popular are Suckling pig ( Babi guling ) and Taliwang chicken ( ayam taliwang ) which originally come from Lombok. The suckling pig is crispy outside and delicioun inside on the other hand taliwang chicken is small chicken that has soft bone.
Chinese food itself is also influenced by Indonesian taste and the favorite one is chicken noodle and some beef noodle. Beef is not so popular here because of the religious and culture reason.
There are many restaurants that have their uniqueness in menu, concept or interior design. Most of them still appreciate the Bali culture therefore they use wooden concept and traditional music. It 's really great experience to enjoy the food with perfect ambience and good hospitality.


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