Thursday, September 08, 2005


For couples who want to have quiet time together while enjoying the food and the beautiful scenery. I suggest you to drop by at Jimbaran beach in the evening. It's a must....
This place really can make your day unforgettable. When you arrive, you will see many small stalls that sell live seafood, most of them have the same owner. You can choose the seafood you like and they will cook them according to your requests.
After ordering, there will be a waiter that guide you to the table. Most of the tables are with the candle and facing the beach so you can enjoy how's beautiful the beach. While you are waiting for the food, there are some people will entertain you with guitar and sing for you.
After your dinner ending, you can walk along the beach and feel the sea breeze.
It's really a perfect candle light dinner with delicious food, nice ambience and accompanied by a lover.


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