Thursday, September 08, 2005


Hi guyz...who can't live without night life entertainment.
Don't worry...this is a great place to experience night life entertainment.
There are many clubs, pubs and bars with live entertainment in Kuta
You can chat with your friends, make new friends and minggle around with others even if you are lucky enough you can find your life partner or business partner, haha..
My favorite place is Paddy's Bar, where the location is near the zero ground bali bombing few years ago. The place is just great not so small and not so crowded, it's just nice and accompanied with live music. Most of the pubs, bars or clubs are open until late night.
Something you need to know, that zero ground bali bombing now become another tourist attraction especially for Australians since most of them are the victims. From the people's story, when the tragedy happened there was a small temple that still stand there until now. Believe it or still can see until now while the surrounding is just ground.


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