Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New Bali Adventures

For those who like Adventures Sport and Experience, there are two suggestions for what things to do in Bali.

1. Sea Walker @ Sanur

Try this and you will be amazed how God creates every creature even the smallest one, it's really beautiful.
Starting from the briefing at Santrian Resort, you will be brought to the sea by speedboat. From there, you will be going down to the bottom of the sea and wearing special helmet for your Oxigent.
When you are in the bottom of the sea, you could feel as you are in the giant aquarium. You can touch the fishes, corals and really close with them.
It's really beautiful and can't describe with any words.
What you can do is just experience that, feel it and you will smile after that.

2. Bali Treetop @ Bedugul Botanical Garden

For those like a challenging sport or something different, try this Bali Treetop.
It really makes your heart beat becomes faster and faster...but waittt...that's not the point, for every track you will need a courage.
There are 6 different levels with different difficulty and height.
You can start from the lower or medium level.
Oh ya, they will train you first before you jump in to the real track.
So don't worry, what you need is COURAGE


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