Thursday, September 08, 2005


When you miss your "ancestors" and want to meet them hehe..just kidding, you can visit Sangeh.
Yes, sangeh is a tourism attraction when you can play wildly with monkeys. The monkeys live wildly in the forest. There are so many types monkeys. Some are polite ones and some are playful ones. So be careful..sometimes, they are also annoying and don't be surprised when they take your stuffs without asking your permission. It reminds me to Visa card advertisement with Zeta Jones as a star hehe..
So my suggestions, please don't bring any valuables things including the camera.
It's really interesting experience for those who like animal and want to play wildly with them.


Hi guyz...who can't live without night life entertainment.
Don't worry...this is a great place to experience night life entertainment.
There are many clubs, pubs and bars with live entertainment in Kuta
You can chat with your friends, make new friends and minggle around with others even if you are lucky enough you can find your life partner or business partner, haha..
My favorite place is Paddy's Bar, where the location is near the zero ground bali bombing few years ago. The place is just great not so small and not so crowded, it's just nice and accompanied with live music. Most of the pubs, bars or clubs are open until late night.
Something you need to know, that zero ground bali bombing now become another tourist attraction especially for Australians since most of them are the victims. From the people's story, when the tragedy happened there was a small temple that still stand there until now. Believe it or still can see until now while the surrounding is just ground.


For those who are shopacholics, this is a great place to shop as well.
There are branded goods and handmade art crafts even in the flea market you can find many fake branded goods.
Some branded goods can be found in more high class shopping centre like Kuta Gallery, Kuta Square. For handmade art crafts, almost every where you can find it, however if you want to get the wholesale price, please drop by to Sukawati Market or if you love to see the process of making handmade art craft, you are welcomed to visit Ubud region.
Most of the art crafts are exported to Europe, Australia and America. They are made from rattan, wood, sea shell, coconut shell. And there are many varieties from Dinning set, Tea set, Wall decoration, home decoration, stationery, fashion accessories
For those swimming or beach lover, there are many varieties of bikini and swim suits with attractive color and model and of course with affordable price.


For couples who want to have quiet time together while enjoying the food and the beautiful scenery. I suggest you to drop by at Jimbaran beach in the evening. It's a must....
This place really can make your day unforgettable. When you arrive, you will see many small stalls that sell live seafood, most of them have the same owner. You can choose the seafood you like and they will cook them according to your requests.
After ordering, there will be a waiter that guide you to the table. Most of the tables are with the candle and facing the beach so you can enjoy how's beautiful the beach. While you are waiting for the food, there are some people will entertain you with guitar and sing for you.
After your dinner ending, you can walk along the beach and feel the sea breeze.
It's really a perfect candle light dinner with delicious food, nice ambience and accompanied by a lover.


There are many varieties of cuisines in Bali from Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese and Korea, Australian, European, American, and other Asian including the fusion between Eastern and Western cuisine.
Indonesian food is usually influenced by Bali and Javanesse culture and the most popular are Suckling pig ( Babi guling ) and Taliwang chicken ( ayam taliwang ) which originally come from Lombok. The suckling pig is crispy outside and delicioun inside on the other hand taliwang chicken is small chicken that has soft bone.
Chinese food itself is also influenced by Indonesian taste and the favorite one is chicken noodle and some beef noodle. Beef is not so popular here because of the religious and culture reason.
There are many restaurants that have their uniqueness in menu, concept or interior design. Most of them still appreciate the Bali culture therefore they use wooden concept and traditional music. It 's really great experience to enjoy the food with perfect ambience and good hospitality.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bali, I am in love

Bali, I am in love
I love the scenery
I love the culture
I love the people
I love the weather
I love the food and entertainment
It's really perfectly Goddess island

Walking down in the Kuta Beach
Lying down at the white sand and enjoying the sunset
Feeling the sea breeze and
With fresh coconut drink in my side
It feels like in the heaven

I feel the freedom and freshness
The inspiration just tremble down from heaven
Wow...nothing can be so amazing like this
Thanks God for your creation in this beautiful island
Bali, I am in love


This is the house with lobby in front and small garden in front and back of the house.

The decorations and interior design are using Bali javanesse concept.
For those who want to experience and feel how comfortable it is, Please book at Nuansa Indah Homestay Bali


Welcome to Nuansa Indah Homestay, Bali. This blog will facilitate and assist your planning for holiday in Bali. For those who are still confused or considering, Don't worry. The blog will update you with real information from the street.
So pleace check it regularly.

Besides, we also provide a comfortable place to stay with little budget.
Here we are...
Located in Jl Raya Kuta 55xx/7, Kuta Bali, it 's just a perfect and strategic location and nearby with Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali. It's very convinience to go anywhere nearby like Kuta when you like the crowded or enjoy the beach.
Or if you prefer to go shopping in branded goods or have dinner in unique restaurants, you can drop by in Denpasar.
Or if you prefer to enjoy another taste of beach that more high class, you can drop by in Nusa Dua.
The facilities we provide are :
1. Air condition master room for 4 persons
2. Air condition common room for 2 persons
3. Hot water
4. Free airport transfer
5. Shopping and dinning information
And you can have it in small budgets.

Master room is just S$ 55*/night and common room is just S$35*/night ( for off peak seasons : September - October, February - May )
Master room is S$ 65*/night and common room is S$45*/night ( for peak seasons : November - January, June - August )

Other facilities are :
1. Bali tour guide for max 5 persons and 5 objects in a day = S$ 80*
2. Car rental = S$ 70*/day
* All prices are subject to change

It's really worth of money to get new fresh air in beautiful island.

For more information and details, can contact :
Indah Sari
Hp 65-97607631
Representative of Nuansa Indah Homestay, Bali
email :