Friday, August 17, 2007

Bali Tour 2 : Sanur - Kuta - Jimbaran / Nusa Dua - Seminyak

If you are a beach person, Bali has many beautiful beaches.
And guess can take Bali Tour Sanur-Kuta-Nusa Dua-Jimbaran-Seminyak.

Starting your day early in the morning, you will be amazed to see the beauty of our Universe King aka SUN when he wakes up and starts rising.
Actually you can enjoy the sun rise anywhere and in any part of this world, however you can't compare it with Sanur Beach. It's really beautiful.
After the sun is rising, it's time to have breakfast.
My uncle suggests to have warm breakfast such as Indonesian Chicken Porridge or Chicken Soto near the beach.

After your stomach is full, aren't you tempted to swim before it's getting hot...
But wait a minute...I have something for you...SEA WALKER...
I have posted the information previously about SEA WALKER.
You must DIE DIE try this won't be understand what I feel until you really experience it...It's really worth of money and you will never forget for the rest of your life.

SEA WALKER takes about 1.5 hours and it's really tiring eventhough you think that you don't make a lot of exercises under the sea and after showering, your stomach will ask for fuels.
Don't worry, the hotel will provide buffet lunch where you can enjoy Authentic Balinese Food.

After your stomach can't take any food, it's time to relax...
Kuta is nice place for sun tan, relaxing, massage,or even play with the sand and naughty sea waves.
Three hours will past very fast and when you open your eyes, you can see that it's time for the King of Universe to sleep.
Is your stomach craving for the seafood?

If yes, let's go to Jimbaran - Nusa Dua...
Here, you can pamper yourself with delicious and fresh SEAFOOD, there are many restaurants serve fresh seafood by the beach.
So, what do you need to do when you arrive?
Pick one of the restaurants, choose the fresh fishes, prawns, crabs or other sea creatures that you like and tell them how you want them to be cooked.
Ok, your task is done and next, find the empty table near the beach.
If you bring your special one, it's really the perfect place to propose to her.
However, if you are with the group of friends, you still can enjoy the food and ambience.

The food is coming....and Bon Appetit...
While you enjoy the best seafood, there will be a "moving" entertainment by Acoustic Beach Boys. You can request your favorite songs to them.
I believe after you experience it, you will say....
I would never ever forget this place...

After dinner, don't know where to go but still want to enjoy the beach?
Don't worry, let me bring you to SEMINYAK.
One of my favorite places is KU DE TA Restaurant and Bar.
When you come here, don't be surprised if it's always full during the weekend.
The place is really nice, cozy where you can unwind near the beach.
They provide bed sofa facing the beach with candle lights around...
Just order the wine or champagne and enjoy it. Don't need to have so much conversation just enjoy the night.
You can stay there until early in the morning.

Wow...24 hours is still not enough for you ?'s time to go back to your room and have a tight good night sleep...

Bali Tour 1 : Ubud and Sukawati

If you have a high sense of art and really have passions in art, traditional and culture, I suggest you to take this Bali Tour Ubud-Sukawati for the day.

Ubud is where you can see how the artists do their homework with passion.
You can watch them painting the beautiful picture, craving beautiful sculpture, making handicrafts from coconut shell, woods, rattans, glass, candle and many more.
I believe 2 hours will not be enough for you to see how passionate they are in making beautiful handicrafts.

You will be tempted to get few products made by them, however it's not the right place. They only make from raw materials until final products. If you wish to have their handicrafts there is a special market where you can shop the art and crafts until you drop, which is SUKAWATI.
But wait a minute....don't you feel hungry after walking around ?
Let's take a break...

There's a traditional Balinese favorite food where you can't get the perfect taste in anywhere like this, BABI GULING or ROASTED PIG.The skin is so crispy and delicious, you can enjoy it anywhere you like if you take away the food.
For me, I choose the small hut near the rice field, while I am enjoying my Babi Guling, I'm also enjoying how beautiful the rice field with the feeling the breeze and hearing bird chirping. can say LIFE IS SO GOOD...
and of course yes it is.

After your stomach is fulled, it's time to shop.
As mentioned, Sukawati is another favorite place. Sukawati is a big market place where sells many art and craft products, you can choose whatever you like to decor your house from living room, bed room, bath room, kitchen, and study room. must bargain the price, please bargain 50% from the offered price.
If you lucky enough you could get the goods very cheap.
You don't need to worry if they cheat or do hard sell, Balinese people are very nice and friendly so you are saved :)

Ok, after your wallet is empty, let's move on. I don't want you to be in debt by buying all products that you want haha...
It's time to go back to wherever you stay and dream about BABI GULING...oh I love it...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New Bali Adventures

For those who like Adventures Sport and Experience, there are two suggestions for what things to do in Bali.

1. Sea Walker @ Sanur

Try this and you will be amazed how God creates every creature even the smallest one, it's really beautiful.
Starting from the briefing at Santrian Resort, you will be brought to the sea by speedboat. From there, you will be going down to the bottom of the sea and wearing special helmet for your Oxigent.
When you are in the bottom of the sea, you could feel as you are in the giant aquarium. You can touch the fishes, corals and really close with them.
It's really beautiful and can't describe with any words.
What you can do is just experience that, feel it and you will smile after that.

2. Bali Treetop @ Bedugul Botanical Garden

For those like a challenging sport or something different, try this Bali Treetop.
It really makes your heart beat becomes faster and faster...but waittt...that's not the point, for every track you will need a courage.
There are 6 different levels with different difficulty and height.
You can start from the lower or medium level.
Oh ya, they will train you first before you jump in to the real track.
So don't worry, what you need is COURAGE